A.R.C. sells our own hatchery-spawned oysters, clams, bay scallops and surf clams. Some are sold as ‘seed’ to shellfish farmers up and down the East Coast for grow-out. Others are grown to market size on our own farms then sold around the country.


Shellfish Seed

Clams, Oysters, Specialty Species

Forty years of experience go into the selection of good brood stock, the careful production of important algae to feed young shellfish larvae and the careful growth of the larvae into various sizes to meet the individual needs of shellfish farmers.


Market-sized Shellfish

Wholesale Distribution of Clams and Oysters

A.R.C. markets hard-shelled clams (quahogs) and oysters to restaurants, clubs, events, etc. Some are sold direct to the customer, most are sold through wholesale shellfish distributors.


Research Partnerships

Scientists working for a better world

A.R.C. scientists are involved in studies to improve grow-out techniques, increase survival rates, and research the viability of new species for aquaculture production. Additionally, A.R.C. supplies larvae to scientists at research and educational institutions for studies on a wide variety of subjects from shellfish development to ocean acidification.


Remote Set - Oyster Reefs

Coastal Waters Restoration

A.R.C. is one of the only hatcheries with the experience and the capacity to produce seed specifically for growing on recycled shell in cultch bags to meet the expanding demand for man-made oyster reefs. We have a product line designed specifically around the unique needs of this area of the industry and the techniques and growing tanks and to nurture the larvae to adhere to the recycled shell before the bags are taken from our facility and placed by towns into their coastal waters. A large number of public and not-for-profit organizations have dedicated significant resources to expanding oyster reef buildout in their communities. Oyster reefs provide powerful water filtering capability, assist with coastal erosion mitigation and can protect low lying areas from storm surges.

Learn how A.R.C. is working with municipalities to help restore oyster reefs and significantly improve water quality.