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The Hatchery

State of the Art Facility

Our modern facility incorporates advanced and innovative technologies to ensure the successful and healthy production of our products. We have the ability to spawn a wide variety of shellfish including the American oyster, Quahog and Bay scallop. We spawn millions of animals per year for local, regional and national customers.


We grow our own algae, a crucial element in the overall production process, using cutting-edge algal growth methods, to ensure the shellfish we spawn have a healthy, nutritious diet in the early stages of life. A robust and varied diet is critical as the animals move from the early larval stage of less than 1mm to the seed stage.

Remote Set

ARC is one of the only hatcheries with the experience and the capacity to supply seed to meet the growing demand for oyster reefs. We have a product line designed specifically around the unique needs of this area of the industry. A large number of public and not-for-profit organizations have dedicated significant resources to expanding oyster reef buildout in their communities. Oyster reefs provide powerful water filtering capability, assist with coastal erosion mitigation and can protect low lying areas from storm surges.