Our Mission

A.R.C. is a leader in aquaculture research and innovation, actively supports the shellfish industry through advocacy and restoration, pioneers solutions to coastal challenges and educates current and future generations of shellfish growers.

Seed to Table

Our unique location, in a pristine coastal estuary on Cape Cod Bay, allows us to produce the highest quality shellfish products to growers and distributors throughout the country. Our state of the art hatchery plays a vital role in meeting the dynamic needs of the aquaculture community and ensures the continuation of a long-standing way of life. 

Supporting the Blue Economy

A.R.C. actively promotes the cultural heritage of shellfish growing by supporting regional shellfish communities through advocacy and restoration. We are an integral part of a growing community of like-minded people and organizations who share the important goals of sustainability and healthy stewardship of the environment. Our broad community outreach supports our efforts to protect our natural resources and design solutions to coastal challenges. 

Future Leadership

A.R.C. strives to be a leader in aquaculture research and innovation and uses best management practices to produce the highest quality product in the most sustainable manner. Our extensive engagement with our communities through education and grant work helps to foster and encourage responsible future leadership within the industry.