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The Highest Quality Shellfish

- From Spawn to Table -

Aquacultural Research Corporation - A.R.C. - plays a vital role in local and regional shellfish communities by providing the highest quality shellfish– from spawn to tableto growers, distributors, chefs and reef-builders across the country.

Great company that has produced millions upon millions of good shellfish seed which have, in turn, produced many jobs and food scattered throughout the Eastern coastal states.
— Gregg M.

2019 Spawns have begun!

Our 2019 spawn schedule is well underway. 2019’s first spawn was Surf Clams. We have also already spawned diploid oysters, triploid oysters and quahogs.

After initial spawn evaluations and with the water temperatures warming, we are able to project the anticipated delivery dates for all sizes and species of seed.

Seed deliveries will begin…