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Shellfish Seed for
Independent Growers

High Survival Rates, High Growth Rates, Customer Satisfaction

For 40+ years A.R.C. has been concentrating on spawning, growing and nurturing the highest-quality shellfish seed for independent farmer/growers. Our much-desired lines of broodstock are mixed with carefully selected wild-caught specimens to produce seed shellfish that can withstand environmental events as it grows to market-size. Three strategically placed nurseries allow the seed to grow to desired size in low densities and healthy environments. No matter where our seed is grown to market-size, they will look inviting and taste delicious!

“Great company that has produced millions upon millions of good shellfish seed which have, in turn, produced many jobs and food scattered throughout the Eastern coastal states.” - Gregg M.

How To Order

We are currently taking orders for 2022, please complete an order form then email completed to, or print and mail to P.O. Box 2028, Dennis, MA 02638.

Order acceptance does not guarantee order fulfillment. To ensure the highest probability of your order being filled, please place orders as early as possible.

Seed orders are filled on a priority system:

  1. Orders for seed of specific sizes are filled when those sizes become available, and in the order of the dates deposits are received (minimum 20%).

  2. Occasionally, A.R.C. will accept seed orders without deposits, but they will be filled only after the orders with deposits.


Payment is due upon delivery of the seed, municipalities exempt.


Minimum order: $500 (per size, per species)

Frequently Asked Questions

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