Meet the Team

Please introduce yourself to the A.R.C. staff – a cohesive team made up of talented individuals who welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise. From farmers to biologists, this is a staff dedicated to spawning and growing the finest shellfish in the world through a commitment to responsible, sustainable techniques. 

Aimee Hebert

Hatchery Technician

Chloe Starr

Farm and Wholesale Operations Manager

Dave Hickman

Warehouse Assistant / Facilities Assistant

Isabel Crowther

Hatchery Technician

Mary Conroy

Field Crew

Nancy Goward

Hatchery Manager

Ryan McCarthy

Field Crew Member

Ben Hughes

Farm Supervisor

Connor Ward

Nursery Supervisor

David Mullins

Nursery Technician / Farmer

Jennifer Koopmans

Hatchery Technician

Mary Sweeney

Systems Monitor

Paul Wittenstein

General Manager / Nursery Manager

Steve Finlayson

Algae Technician

Cheryl James

Larval / Juvenile Production Manager

Dan Czupryna

Assistant Farm Manager

Frank Paladino

Field Crew Member

Lisa Bourassa

Hatchery Manager

Meira Khayter

Hatchery Technician

Rick Sawyer

Sales / Marketing Manager

Thad Fousse

Lead Driver / Associate Packer