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Wholesale Distribution

From the hatchery to the nursery to ocean growout, A.R.C. and its farms subsidiary, Chapin Sea Farms, is committed to producing the finest market-sized shellfish and delivering to our customers a delicious, nutritious and sustainable food source.
From our 5000 sq. ft. warehouse nestled along Chase Garden Creek, millions of oysters and clams are shipped around the world each year. Receiving, storing and shipping are all done within the HACCP Certified warehouse that highlights a receiving area with automated sorting machines, wet storage, a temperature-controlled cooler, clean packing area, and truck loading docks.
Image by Clint Patterson
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Wet Storage

Market-size clams ready for sale are stored in 5 raceways within our warehouse. The raceways contain continuously flowing fresh sea water pulled directly from Cape Cod Bay. This system filters silt and sand from the clams resulting in a clean, ready-to-eat product.


Shipping Around the World Through Boston

Daily truck routes to Boston’s Logan International Airport and national food distributors based in the Boston Seaport mean that our oysters and clams can be harvested from Cape Cod Bay today and served at a Seattle party within 48 hours.

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All of our market shellfish are hand-packed to order and shipped in cooled containers. They are sized, packed in quantities to your specifications then shipped to our transportation hubs in refrigerated trucks.

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Meeting & Surpassing Regulations

Local, state and national agencies protect the public with regulations on receiving, inventory control, storing, handling, packing and shipping of shellfish. A.R.C. is committed to the strict adherence to these regulations that are put in place for the public’s safety.

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During the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, A.R.C. and Chapin Sea Farms clams and oysters ready for market are kept in a climate-controlled environment to keep them healthy and meet the strict requirements of regulatory agencies.


International Distribution

A.R.C. and Chapin Sea Farms sell live market size clams and oysters to Canada, Europe and the Far East. Our expertise in meeting worldwide shipping regulations, our proximity to a major transportation hub and our ability to ship live shellfish within 24 hours of harvesting mean that the best shellfish available anywhere can be enjoyed on tables around the world.

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