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A.R.C.’s modern Hatchery and Nurseries incorporate advanced and innovative technologies to ensure the successful and healthy production of our shellfish. We have the ability to spawn a wide variety of shellfish including the Eastern Oyster, Quahog, Surf Clam and Bay Scallop. We spawn and grow hundreds of millions of animals per year for local, regional and national customers.

A.R.C. comes full circle – literally.

A.R.C. sells our own hatchery-spawned oysters, clams, bay scallops and surf clams. Some are sold as ‘seed’ to shellfish farmers up and down the East Coast for grow-out. Others are grown to market size on farms we work on Cape Cod then sold around the world.

Shellfish Seed

Clams, Oysters, Specialty Species

A.R.C.’s fifty years of experience selecting good brood stock, our careful production of important algae to feed young shellfish larvae and the careful growth of the larvae into various seed sizes allow us to meet the needs of hundreds of independent shellfish farmers each year.

Wholesale Distribution

Market-Size Clams and Oysters

Chapin Sea Farms, a wholly owned subsidiary of A.R.C., markets hard-shelled clams (quahogs) and oysters to restaurants, clubs, events, etc. around the world through wholesale shellfish distributors.

Remote Set

Oyster Reefs, Erosion Protection, Nitrogen Remediation

Research Partnerships

Support for Wild Fishermen

Chapin Sea Farms purchases wild-caught oysters and clams from licensed commercial harvesters who deliver them to us the day they are harvested and are paid for them on the spot. This not only helps provide a good income for these hardworking fishermen, but also gives Chapin Sea Farms a wide variety of shellfish to offer our wholesale customers.

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