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The Farms

A.R.C. spawns seed in our hatchery, then grows it out to market size on Cape Cod farms in Barnstable and Wellfleet, providing the freshest quahogs, oysters and surf clams from hatchery to table.
Known as a world-class vacation destination, the Cape Cod peninsula is also home to some of the best and most diverse shellfish growing conditions in the world. Massive tidal flows assure clean seawater; warm waters heated by the Gulf Stream on the south side increase growing rates; colder waters on the East and in Cape Cod Bay harden shells; marshes provide abundant food sources, and varying bottoms give the shellfish different appearance and tastes.
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Oysters, Quahogs, and Surf Clams

Shellfishing is a way of life in Wellfleet with over 15% of the town’s population taking part.  ‘Wellfleets’, deservedly so, are desired around the world by shellfish aficionados. Shellfish here grow in soft sugar sand on easily accessible grants well protected from winter storms. An amazing water exchange rate of 75% daily in the harbor and growing areas mean an abundance of fresh bay water and perfect growing conditions.

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Oysters and Quahogs

Tucked up behind Sandy Neck, a beautiful 6-mile long barrier beach on Cape Cod Bay, A.R.C.’s Barnstable farms are surrounded by healthy marshes that provide an abundant food source for growing oysters and clams. Our farmers take advantage of deep channels and a massive tidal exchange of clean water to grow and harvest some of the tastiest shellfish in the world.

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