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A.R.C. biologists have the ability to spawn a wide variety of shellfish including the Eastern Oyster, Quahog, Surf Clam and Bay Scallop. We spawn and grow millions of animals per year for local, regional and national customers.


State of the Art Facility

A.R.C.’s modern Hatchery on Chase Garden Creek in Dennis, Massachusetts combines advanced practices with proprietary techniques to ensure the successful and healthy production of our shellfish. 

Leading shellfish scientists often use the A.R.C. facilities to advance their knowledge of aquaculture technologies and develop innovative ideas for improving the shellfish industry.



Oysters and clams spawn in the wild when conditions are perfect during summer months in New England. In order to produce the quantity of shellfish needed to sustain our customers, A.R.C. larval biologists have perfected ways to mimic spawning conditions throughout the year.


Brood Stock

A.R.C. aquaculturalists take great pride in identifying strong and healthy clams, oysters and scallops to use as brood stock. Our own lines of brood stock are mixed with wild and farmed animals specially selected by local fishermen for a variety of traits including survivability and cosmetic appearance.



Using cutting-edge algal growth methods, A.R.C. biologists grow our own proprietary strains of algae, a crucial element in the spawning and growth process. Having this capability ensures the shellfish we spawn have a healthy, nutritious diet in the critical early stages of life.



A.R.C. scientists are involved in studies to improve grow-out techniques, increase survival rates, and research the viability of new species for aquaculture production. Additionally, A.R.C. supplies larvae to scientists at research and educational institutions. These are used in studies on a wide variety of subjects from shellfish development to ocean acidification.