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Cape Cod’s shellfish hatchery and farms


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About A.R.C.

A.R.C. plays a vital role in local and regional shellfish communities by providing the highest quality shellfish– from seed to table – to growers, chefs and reef-builders across the country.  We are a leader in aquaculture research and innovation, support the shellfish industry through advocacy and restoration, pioneer solutions to coastal challenges and educate current and future generations of shellfish growers.


The hatchery

Our state of the art hatchery has been successfully producing high quality shellfish since our founding in 1960. Our location, at the mouth of the pristine Chase Garden Creek estuary on Cape Cod Bay, provides an ideal environment for growing shellfish seed from the larval stage to seed size and larger.  



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The FarmS

ARC operates its own shellfish farms to serve customers throughout the country looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly food sources. We use a number of locations for our farming operations, generally located in Wellfleet and Barnstable, Massachusetts, both of which have ideal shellfish growing conditions due to nutrient rich ocean tidal flow.



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Our Products

We sell market sized shellfish products from our farms to customers throughout the country.  We also play an important role in the community by providing a sales channel for smaller and local growers, many of whom are our seed customers.



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